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Daily Life Along the Mississippi

Title : Daily Life Along the Mississippi
Author : George S. Pabis
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Total pages: 232 pages
ISBN: 9780313335631
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Early nineteenth century America saw the first wave of post-Independence immigration. Germans, Irish, Englishmen, Scandinavians, and even Chinese on the west coast began to arrive in significant numbers, profoundly impacting national developments like westward expansion, urban growth, industrialization, city and national politics, and the Civil War. This volume explores the early immigrants' experience, detailing where they came from, what their journey to America was like, where they entered their new nation, and where they eventually settled. Life in immigrant communities is examined, particularly those areas of life unsettled by the clash of cultures and adjustment to a new society. Immigrant contributions to American society are also highlighted, as are the battles fought to gain wider acceptance by mainstream culture. Engaging narrative chapters explore the experience from the viewpoint of the individua, the catalysts for leaving one's homeland, new immigrant settlements and the differences among them, social, religious, and familial structures within the immigrant communities, and the effects of the Civil War and the beginning of the new immigrant wave of the 1870s. Images and a selected bibliography supplement this thorough reference source, making it ideal for students of American history and culture.

Elliot's Fire Truck Read-Along

Title : Elliot's Fire Truck Read-Along
Author : Andrea Beck
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Total pages: 32 pages
ISBN: 145980256X
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This is an enhanced ebook with a read-along function. Hanna is fed up with her best friend, Lizzy, who is always trying to be better than her. When Lizzy tells Hanna she can throw her ball farther and succeeds, it’s the last straw. Hanna is tired of feeling second best, but what she doesn’t realize is that sometimes she makes Lizzy feel that way too. Maybe there’s a way they can still be best friends after all. A funny and relatable story about best friends, competition and learning to see things from another’s point of view.

Along the Templar Trail

Title : Along the Templar Trail
Author : Brandon Wilson
Publisher: Pilgrim's Tales
Total pages: 328 pages
ISBN: 9780977053681
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Walking in the nearly forgotten footsteps of the legendary first Knights Templar, an American and a 68-year old Frenchman embark on a mission all their own. Traveling simply and trusting in the kindness of strangers, they set off to carry a message of peace along a route historically used for war. Their incredible journey leads them thousands of miles across eleven countries and two continents toward Jerusalem. After the outbreak of war, everything is uncertain ? except for their steadfast and perhaps life-threatening resolve.ALONG THE TEMPLAR TRAIL weaves a richly detailed Chaucerian tapestry of characters, intrigue, and adventure with personal growth and social commentary.Their poignant tale is a powerful testimony to the courage of the human spirit and an affirmation of the dream of peace still very much alive in the world today. It also provides a signpost for those who dream of making a similar journey along this trail; one destined to become a path of peace for people of all nations, cultures and faiths.328 pages; 44 photos, maps and illustrations. The Lowell Thomas Gold Award winner for "Best Travel Book" (2009) SATWF. Also named ForeWord Magazine, Book of the Year Finalist.

Law Relating to Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 (Act No. 28 of 1961), Along with Cruelty on Married Women, with Criminal Law (IInd Amendment) Act, 1983 (Act No. 46 of 1983)

Title : Law Relating to Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 (Act No. 28 of 1961), Along with Cruelty on Married Women, with Criminal Law (IInd Amendment) Act, 1983 (Act No. 46 of 1983)
Author : Shailendra Kumar Awasthi,Uma Shankar Lal
Total pages: 172 pages
Read and download Law Relating to Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 (Act No. 28 of 1961), Along with Cruelty on Married Women, with Criminal Law (IInd Amendment) Act, 1983 (Act No. 46 of 1983) ebook by Shailendra Kumar Awasthi,Uma Shankar Lal on pdf epub mobi and djvu:
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Yours All Along

Title : Yours All Along
Author : Roni Loren
Publisher: Penguin
Total pages: 136 pages
ISBN: 069841103X
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The new Loving on the Edge romance from the New York Times bestselling author of Nothing Between Us turns on the heat between two men who wonder how much they’re willing to risk in the name of love. Four years after an accident tore their friendship apart, Hunter and Devon are living separate lives. Hunter is now the all-America hero—a congressman’s son and a pro pitcher in Houston preparing to marry his beauty-queen girlfriend. Devon is in Dallas running a new restaurant. But when Hunter unexpectedly shows up in Devon’s bar, Devon can’t turn him away. Damn it if the man isn’t still gorgeous. But engaged? Hell no. All he’s doing for Devon is bringing back memories of their college-roommate days, and the night their relationship went too far. Turns out Hunter has never forgotten it either. Now Devon can’t help but be drawn in all over again by the only guy who’s ever gotten close enough to break his heart. Maybe one more night together would be enough for both of them to finally move on. Or maybe one night will change everything… Includes a preview of Roni Loren’s Call on Me Praise for the Loving on the Edge Novels “I can’t wait for Roni Loren’s next tantalizing story!”—Jo Davis “Hot and romantic.”—Shayla Black, New York Times bestselling author “Roni Loren, just like the men in her books, knows how to keep you up all night.” —Tiffany Reisz, international bestselling author

Noisy Bird Sing-Along

Title : Noisy Bird Sing-Along
Author : John Himmelman
Publisher: Dawn Publications
Total pages: 32 pages
ISBN: 1584695161
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Every kind of bird has their very own kind of sound! Cheerful sounds, mournful sounds, sweet sounds, weird sounds. You can tell who they are without even opening your eyes. And what fun to sing along!

Paw Prints Along The Rhine

Title : Paw Prints Along The Rhine
Author : Norman E. Stephenson
Publisher: iUniverse
Total pages: 264 pages
ISBN: 1440195838
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Finally, due to great demand, the long awaited sequel to trilogy ‘Paw Prints Through the Ages’ makes its appearance. This time our intrepid time traveling cat Beauregard and his friends time jump into the violent Burgundian/Swiss wars of the late 1400’s. Their adventures in that period are as exciting and remarkable as those they experienced during the crusades. Beau is his usual self, and his bonded human partner Ramón, his friends Raza and Alice, and a few new characters, join him in taking part in and recording the true events of the Burgundian Wars. Like Norm’s previous novels, this book is a blend of history, fantasy, and science fiction, which means the reader will never be bored. It is also, like all of his other works, a stand alone book, which means you do not have to have read the others to enjoy this one.

Tag Along with Momo and Jojo

Title : Tag Along with Momo and Jojo
Author : Anthony Roth Bouldin,Morshica Bouldin
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Total pages: 16 pages
ISBN: 1477267972
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What will happen next? Tag along with MoMo as he experiences his 10th birthday. So many emotions from nervousness to extreme joy. You ll be excited every step of the way. This book is high energy and hilarious. There are some returning characters from SERIES #1, and you ll be introduced to new ones too. THINGS TO TALK ABOUT WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS There are some wacky things happening on MoMo s birthday. Learn more about the plant JoJo found. It s the coolest plant ever. Research why. Wow, you didn t know MoMo played that many sports. Which one is your favorite? It seems like the DOOR was another main character in this book. See if you can figure out why. Go to to learn more about MoMo and JoJo. Also chat live with them and the authors at and momoandjojo. Kids ask your parents permission.

Cutting Along the Color Line

Title : Cutting Along the Color Line
Author : Quincy T. Mills
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
Total pages: 336 pages
ISBN: 081220865X
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Today, black-owned barber shops play a central role in African American public life. The intimacy of commercial grooming encourages both confidentiality and camaraderie, which make the barber shop an important gathering place for African American men to talk freely. But for many years preceding and even after the Civil War, black barbers endured a measure of social stigma for perpetuating inequality: though the profession offered economic mobility to black entrepreneurs, black barbers were obliged by custom to serve an exclusively white clientele. Quincy T. Mills traces the lineage from these nineteenth-century barbers to the bustling enterprises of today, demonstrating that the livelihood offered by the service economy was crucial to the development of a black commercial sphere and the barber shop as a democratic social space. Cutting Along the Color Line chronicles the cultural history of black barber shops as businesses and civic institutions. Through several generations of barbers, Mills examines the transition from slavery to freedom in the nineteenth century, the early twentieth-century expansion of black consumerism, and the challenges of professionalization, licensing laws, and competition from white barbers. He finds that the profession played a significant though complicated role in twentieth-century racial politics: while the services of shaving and grooming were instrumental in the creation of socially acceptable black masculinity, barbering permitted the financial independence to maintain public spaces that fostered civil rights politics. This sweeping, engaging history of an iconic cultural establishment shows that black entrepreneurship was intimately linked to the struggle for equality.

Playing Along

Title : Playing Along
Author : Kiri Miller
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Total pages: 272 pages
ISBN: 0199929912
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Why don't Guitar Hero players just pick up real guitars? What happens when millions of people play the role of a young black gang member in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? How are YouTube-based music lessons changing the nature of amateur musicianship? This book is about play, performance, and participatory culture in the digital age. Miller shows how video games and social media are bridging virtual and visceral experience, creating dispersed communities who forge meaningful connections by "playing along" with popular culture. Playing Along reveals how digital media are brought to bear in the transmission of embodied knowledge: how a Grand Theft Auto player uses a virtual radio to hear with her avatar's ears; how a Guitar Hero player channels the experience of a live rock performer; and how a beginning guitar student translates a two-dimensional, pre-recorded online music lesson into three-dimensional physical practice and an intimate relationship with a distant teacher. Through a series of engaging ethnographic case studies, Miller demonstrates that our everyday experiences with interactive digital media are gradually transforming our understanding of musicality, creativity, play, and participation.

Speak Up and Get Along!

Title : Speak Up and Get Along!
Author : Scott Cooper
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing
Total pages: 128 pages
ISBN: 9781575428888
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What if every kid had a handy toolbox of ways to get along with others? That’s just what this book is: a collection of 21 concrete strategies kids can pull out and use to express themselves, build relationships, end arguments and fights, halt bullying, and beat unhappy feelings. Like the Mighty Might, which takes all the fun out of teasing. And the Thought Chop, which helps kids resist self-defeating thoughts. And the Squeaky Wheel, a type of persistence that gets results. And the Coin Toss, a simple way to resolve small conflicts. Each tool is clearly described, illustrated with true-to-life examples, and accompanied by dialogue and lines kids can practice and use. Stories and anecdotes show each tool in action. A terrific resource for any young person—and any adult committed to teaching social skills. Includes a note to adults. Part of the Bully Free Kids™ line

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Violin Play-Along

Title : Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Violin Play-Along
Author : N.A
Publisher: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
Total pages: 16 pages
ISBN: 9781495060021
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(Violin Play-Along). The Violin Play-Along series will help you play your favorite songs quickly and easily. Just follow the music, listen to the demonstration tracks to hear how the violin should sound, and then play along using the separate backing tracks. The purchase price includes online access to audio for download or streaming. This volume features eight selections from the latest addition to the Star Wars trilogy as penned by John Williams: Main Title and The Attack on the Jakku Village * Rey's Theme * Finn's Confession * Han and Leia * March of the Resistance * Torn Apart * Farewell and The Trip * The Jedi Steps and Finale.

Massacre Along the Medicine Road

Title : Massacre Along the Medicine Road
Author : Ronald Becher
Publisher: Caxton Press
Total pages: 475 pages
ISBN: 0870043870
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Distributed by the University of Nebraska Press for Caxton Press In August 1864, Cheyenne and Sioux warriors launched a serires of raids on the "road ranches" along the California-Oregon Train in Nebraska Territory, killing, wounding or capturing dozens of white settlers. Massacre Along the Medicine Road details that violent summer, as seen through the eyes of the people who were the targets of the attacks.

War along the Border

Title : War along the Border
Author : Arnoldo De León
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press
Total pages: 352 pages
ISBN: 1603445706
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Table of Contents:Foreword, Tatcho MindiolaIntroduction, Arnoldo De LeónBeyond Borders: Causes and Consequences of the Mexican Revolution, Paul HartThe Mexican Revolution’s Impact on Tejano Communities: The Historiographic Record, Arnoldo De León La Rinchada: Revolution, Revenge, and the Rangers, 1910–1920, Richard RibbThe Mexican Revolution, Revolución de Texas, and Matanza de1915, Trinidad Gonzales The El Paso Race Riot of 1916, Miguel A. Levario The Mexican Revolution and the Women of El México de Afuera, the Pan American Round Table, and the Cruz AzulMexicana, Juanita Luna LawhnWomen’s Labor and Activism in the Greater Mexican Borderlands, 1910–1930, Sonia Hernández Salt of the Earth: The Immigrant Experience of Gerónimo Treviño, Roberto R. Treviño Sleuthing Immigrant Origins: Felix Tijerina and His Mexican Revolution Roots, Thomas H. Kreneck “The Population Is Overwhelmingly Mexican; Most of It Is in Sympathy with the Revolution . . . .”: Mexico’s Revolution of 1910 and the Tejano Community in the Big Bend, John Eusebio KlingemannSmuggling in Dangerous Times: Revolution and Communities in the Tejano Borderlands, George T. DíazEureka! The Mexican Revolution in African American Context, 1910–1920, Gerald Horne and Margaret StevensUnderstanding Greater Revolutionary Mexico: The Case for a Transnational Border History, Raúl A. RamosSelected BibliographyAbout the ContributorsIndex

Reading for Meaning: no. 1] Come along

Title : Reading for Meaning: no. 1] Come along
Author : Paul McKee
Total pages: N.A pages
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Sesame Street Sing Along Holiday Songs

Title : Sesame Street Sing Along Holiday Songs
Author : Editors of Publications
Total pages: 10 pages
ISBN: 9781450805056
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The Sesame Street Sing-Along Holiday Songs book enables kids to sing along to holiday music along with their favorite Sesame Street friends, including Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird. The book's five-button audio module contains 10 Christmas song melodies (two for each button), and lyrics for each song are printed in the book. The book is recommended for children ages 3 and older.Kids press the sound button that matches an icon on a book page, listen to the music, and sing the lyrics. Here is a list of the 10 songs:* Come All You Monsters* Here We Come A-Caroling* Jolly Old St. Nicholas* Up on the Housetop* Deck the Hall* Christmas Tree* Christmas, Christmas, Happy Time* The Three Days of Christmas* I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day* We Wish You a Merry ChristmasThe Sesame Street Sing-Along Holiday Songs book has coated, board pages that resist rips and tears and wipe clean of spills. The sound module is powered by three replaceable AG-13 button cell batteries (included).

Along Came Neil (Wings from Ashes: 3)

Title : Along Came Neil (Wings from Ashes: 3)
Author : Linda Nelson
Total pages: 200 pages
ISBN: 1304668940
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There's a new boy in town, and Ashley wants him badly. Will Karla steal her man too? Karla Centon no longer is the newest student at Brantwood High. Since moving to Brantwood six months ago, her life had been going nowhere in the right direction until she meets Neil Allard, a handsome cheerful boy who wrestles his way into her heart. Karla takes an instant disliking to Neil because she thinks he's not her type. However, what is her type? Is it tall skinny guys who wear baseball hats backwards and who happen to be bad boys or warm loveable funny guys who are more than just nice occasionally, like Neil? Ashley likes Neil too, and her friend Maggie tries her best to keep Karla away from him. However, when Ashley starts making a big deal out of his wandering eyes, Neil doesn't like it. Feisty Romance or a Tangled Trio, what will it be?

Wisdom for Today Along Recovery Lane

Title : Wisdom for Today Along Recovery Lane
Author : John S.
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Total pages: 404 pages
ISBN: 9781438923857
Read and download Wisdom for Today Along Recovery Lane ebook by John S. on pdf epub mobi and djvu:
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Best Friends (Until Someone Better Comes Along)

Title : Best Friends (Until Someone Better Comes Along)
Author : Erin Downing
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Total pages: 240 pages
ISBN: 1442485205
Read and download Best Friends (Until Someone Better Comes Along) ebook by Erin Downing on pdf epub mobi and djvu:
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In this M!X original, Izzy is used to being queen bee—but will she ditch her mean girl status for a chance at true friendship? Isabella Caravella is dreading summer. She doesn’t want to spend a month at a lakeside resort with her parents and the families of her dad’s coworkers, especially when she discovers that two of the kids go to her school. She thinks Bailey and Ava are beyond weird—and they’re not exactly thrilled to see Izzy, either. Izzy has been their tormentor, the leader of the pack of girls who made their first year of middle school so unpleasant. Once Izzy discovers that the other kids have been spending their summers together for years and she’s the outsider, she realizes she’s going to have to change her bossy, stubborn ways if she wants to fit in. Bailey and Ava turn out to be kind and welcoming, and Izzy actually wishes she were more like them. Back home, Izzy knows that things are probably going to be different. Ava and Bailey were great summer friends—but are they really forever friends? Can Izzy prove that she really does have the potential to be a true friend? Or is she stuck playing the mean girl forever?